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Our Services & Solutions

Whether you are envisioning a transformative renovation or a custom built project, we are here to turn your ideas into reality.

We are a remodeling contracting company specializing in custom-build solutions. Committed to crafting personalized and unique outcomes, we design projects to meet your distinct needs and preferences. Our small team allows us to closely engage with you to exceed expectations and transform dreams into beautifully crafted spaces.


Our 3D design process begins with an extensive consultation where we explore your vision and preferences. Using advanced software, we create realistic 3D models, allowing you to visualize the project before construction begins. During this phase, your active involvement is not only encouraged but essential, ensuring the final design perfectly aligns with your vision.

We aim to produce unique and creative design concepts that set each project apart. Our commitment involves developing inventive solutions to optimize both space and functionality.

We are dedicated to bringing your design to life, and exceeding your expectations. 


We offer a diverse range of services that vary based on the scope of the project.

Home & condo renovations
We offer renovation services for existing homes, encompassing entryways, bedrooms,  kitchens, bathrooms, and entire living spaces. Our services include designing and building custom spaces to meet your specific preferences.

Carpentry & Cabinet systems 
We provide customized cabinetry solutions and carpentry services designed to meet your unique requirements. This includes custom woodwork, trim, and distinctive design features tailored to your preferences. Our goal is to enhance both storage functionality and visual appeal through dedicated craftsmanship.

Project management
We oversee and manage the entire project from concept to completion.

We work closely with subcontractors and other artisans to ensure your project is crafted by the most skilled hands for the best results.

Material choices
We incorporate a variety of materials, including solid wood, wood veneer panels, specialized surface panels and more. Our selection also includes high-quality hardware and specialty hardware for custom projects. We embrace the integration of diverse materials, encouraging unique combinations to reflect your style. We provide detailed information on material options at the project’s outset to ensure you’re well-informed about your choices.

Storage Solutions

We understand the challenges of storage organization, from concealing wires to creating ample drawer space. Our expertise lies in crafting custom built-in systems tailored to your needs and preferences. With a focus on functionality and aesthetics, we help you design the ideal storage solutions for your home, including bedroom closets, home offices, mudrooms, and more. We take joy in enhancing your quality of life through these personalized and intimate projects.

Contact us if you have ideas to discuss or if you’d like a better understanding of the scope of our work.

Our Collaborative Approach

At Atelier Kauri, we take pride in delivering exceptional custom-build solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. To ensure the highest quality craftsmanship in every aspect of your project, we collaborate with a network of skilled subcontractors and artisans who specialize in various trades.

From electrical and plumbing work to intricate custom carpentry and artistic detailing, we bring together a team of professionals to execute each phase of your renovation with precision and expertise. This collaborative approach allows us to combine our strengths and deliver a comprehensive range of services while maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Rest assured, our commitment to excellence extends beyond our immediate team to include trusted partners who share our dedication to quality and client satisfaction. Together, we transform your vision into a stunning reality, leaving no detail overlooked.

Discover the seamless integration of creativity, skill, and teamwork with Atelier Kauri.

Our Values

Personalized service
At Atelier Kauri, you can expect a superior level of attention, communication, and understanding of your individual needs.

Expertise and Craftsmanship
Specializing in custom-build solutions, we ensure our team possesses the expertise and knowledge to bring your vision to life. Explore our past projects and delve into our story to learn more about us. Feel free to reach out; we’re happy to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and introduce you to our company.

Attention to detail
Attention to detail is paramount in custom builds. We meticulously plan and execute every facet of the project to align with your specifications and expectations.

Clear communication
Communication is the cornerstone of our approach! Stay well-informed about your project’s progress, potential challenges, and the completion timeline. At Atelier Kauri, we place a high priority on availability and responsiveness, fostering open discussions that lead to a successful collaboration.

Budget transparency
We prioritize budget transparency, delivering detailed proposals with options tailored to your budget. Our commitment is to offer the highest value for your investment, accompanied by our expert advice.

Timely project completion
We strive for realistic project timelines, steering clear of unnecessary delays. When we commit to a timeline, we adhere to it.

Flexibility and Adaptability
In the dynamic nature of projects, Atelier Kauri excels in adapting to changes without compromising quality. Embracing client feedback is integral to continuous improvement and ensuring satisfaction.

After-sales service
Our commitment extends beyond project completion. Atelier Kauri provides ongoing after-sales service, offering peace of mind and assurance that our services will consistently meet their highest potential.

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