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Our Story

The Beginning

 A brief account of the beginning of our shared journey.

Our shared journey began when we crossed paths in a Building Renovations program at a college in Toronto. It was here that we gained fundamental knowledge in both manual and powered woodworking, honing our skills through practical experience. However, it wasn’t until three years later, when we made the decision to relocate to Montreal, that we truly delved into the depth of our current expertise.

As two individuals fueled by ambitious dreams and boundless energy, we joined forces to establish a business specializing in furniture building. Combining traditional and modern woodworking techniques, we found joy in merging artistry with construction to craft timeless, bespoke pieces. While our primary focus was on furniture, we also kept the door open to renovation projects, the initial common ground that led us to meet.

After a few years of collaborating with remarkable clients, creating a diverse range of custom pieces, and contributing to various remodeling projects, we reached a pivotal point. Recognizing our strengths and passion, we decided to streamline our efforts and concentrate on the areas where we knew we could truly excel. This decision marked the inception of Atelier Kauri, where our expertise and passion converged to form a new chapter in our journey.

The Present

Our current status and our aspirations for the future.

The journey leading us to our current position was gradual, challenging, remarkable, and an essential learning experience. You often hear that building something significant takes time, but the true understanding dawns when you go through it yourself. Juggling numerous roles and responsibilities, we invested and continue to invest substantial time in striving for excellence.

As an ever-evolving business, our commitment lies in continuous improvement. Our mission revolves around maintaining authenticity and consistently delivering high-quality work in both design and construction. This dedication brings us closer each day to realizing our vision – engaging in work we love with integrity and passion, aiming to provide people with something that enhances their lives.

Situated in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, our business thrives within the perfectly sized Atelier located just below our home. It is within this space that all our ideas take shape, brought to life by a plethora of tools and machines. In this snug abode, we dedicate ourselves to the diligent crafting of something unique. Our aspiration is to persistently learn and enhance not only our skills but also our lives and the lives of those we collaborate with.

The Name

The motivation for selecting the name “Atelier Kauri” lies in the profound connection with the Kauri tree.

When we made the decision to rebrand our business, it proved to be a challenging endeavor. Selecting a name goes beyond mere phonetics; it is a deliberate choice to create an impression and establish an association. The Kauri tree captivated us both instantly when we stumbled upon it, and its rich history became a profound source of inspiration. Opting for this name, we believed it perfectly encapsulated our business and life journey.

The Kauri is a conifer species indigenous to New Zealand, holding immense cultural significance for the Māori people. They are among the world’s largest tree species, boast a history spanning over a millennium. Kauri timber, renowned for its quality and durability, played a pivotal role in transportation and trade, crafting wakas (canoes) for the Māori. Beyond practical uses, various parts of the Kauri tree held medicinal value, and rituals and ceremonies were conducted in their presence. Revered as the offspring of Tāne Mahuta, the guardian of the forest, Kauri trees underscore their sacredness in Māori culture.

Despite facing threats, these ancient giants are revered for their wisdom and sacred nature. Conservation efforts and regulations in New Zealand now protect Kauri trees and their ecosystems. While this is a concise history, we encourage delving deeper to truly appreciate the significance of this tree species.

Recognizing the beautiful and rich history of this tree species, we chose the name “atelier kauri” as a symbol that encapsulates various meaningful concepts. The name serves as a reminder to stand tall, embodying confidence and dedicating our full energy and attention to everything we undertake. It encourages us to remain grounded, with deep roots that prompt introspection, acknowledging our origins and upholding core principles and values.

The symbolism extends to resilience, emphasizing the importance of facing challenges and risks with the determination to grow, supported by a community or ecosystem that fosters mutual flourishing. The metaphor of spreading branches far signifies the creation of a network, the sharing of wisdom, and the protection of what we have built. Central to our ethos is the principle of continuous growth, leaving room for improvement, development, and learning, not only for the business but for individuals within it.

Lastly, the concept of non-resistance encourages accepting the natural flow of events without unnecessary resistance, recognizing that things happen for a reason. The Kauri tree, with its enduring presence, represents these stages of maturity. We aspire to reflect these qualities in our business, remaining perpetually inspired and ambitious, driven by purpose, quality, and love in everything we create.

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